HP Spectre World's Thinnest Laptop

Measuring a mere 10.4 mm thick, HP’s all-new Spectre Laptop is touted as the “world’s thinnest laptop”. This slim beast manages to cram an Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, a 13.3-inch display, three USB Type-C ports, a full-sized keyboard, full-travel etched glass trackpad, Bang & Olufsen speakers, and a 9.45-hours of use into a 2.45-pound package. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“This new laptop is going straight after Apple’s new MacBook. It’s thinner, has a more powerful sixth Gen Intel processor and is less expensive. People want a laptop less than four pounds, all day battery life, thinner design, and instant on. I don’t want to be constantly looking for a wall socket, and I don’t carry a power cord with me anymore. It’s almost a lifestyle change” said Patrick Moorhead, analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

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