Planets as Close as Moon

What if Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn were as close as our moon? YouTube user Yeti Dynamics shows us just how these planets would look from Earth. In the video you’re about to see, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn (in that order) replace the moon, which measures 1,738km in radius. Mars, for comparison, is about twice the size, with a radius of 1,080 miles (3,397km), and Uranus is about 25 times larger at 15,882 miles (25,559km) in radius. Continue reading for the clip and more information.

“Another interesting effect would be the gravitational influence on Earth if the planets were placed that close. They could strip away our atmosphere and cause huge tides and volcanoes. If Jupiter were the planet in the moon’s position, it’s likely Earth would not even survive intact, being close enough to possibly be ripped apart and form a ring around the gas giant. A second video also reveals what the moon would look like if it were in the position of the ISS,” says The Daily Mail.


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