When it comes to motorcycles, you don’t see much variation in exterior design, but if companies thought outside the box, this is what may arise. Continue reading to see more.


Unlike other motorcycles, the nUCLEUS concept has a mechanism that allows the motorcycle to automatically lowers the frame when not in motion, and elevates it again once you’re in motion. It’s powered by an electric motor and has LED headlights/taillights. One caveat: the seat doesn’t look very comfortable.

Deus Ex Machina

We have seen the future of motorcycles, and it’s the Deus Ex Machina — created by Loniak Design for Yamaha Racing. Powered by nano-phoshpate batteries/ultra-capacitors, this wearable motorcycle features 36 pneumatic muscles, mated to 2 linear actuators set on an artificial spine with seven vertebrae. The designer claims that the vehicle will have a top speed of 75mph, go from 0-60mph in 3-seconds, and recharge in just 15-minutes.