Kodak Zi6

At under $200, the Kodak Zi6 is definitely the best pocket video camera we’ve ever used. It’s slightly larger/thicker than the iPhone, but still comfortable in your pocket. Quality wise, the videos came out ultra crisp (720p resolution) and adding additional memory is easy as putting in a new SD/SDHC card. Continue reading to see our full review. Click here for first picture in gallery.


For those looking for a Flip Mino/Ultra alternative, look no further than the Kodak Zi6. This pocket digital camcorder features a bright 2.4-inch display, pop-out USB connector, 128MB internal memory, an SD/SDHC memory card slot (32GB max.), built-in software for easy YouTube uploading/editing, integrated speaker, A/V output. Simply press down on the navigation stick to start and stop recording. If the occasion does not call for high resolution video, users can choose between 30fps/60fps HD and VGA modes (H.264 format) — can also take still pictures at 3.0-megapixel resolution.

Inside the Box

Kodak wants to make sure users can use the camcorder right out of the box, without having to spend hours reading instructions. Inside the box, you’ll find the unit itself, rechargeable AA batteries (charger included), ARCSOFT software, HD/AV cables, pouch, and the standard wrist strap.

Bottom Line

Whether it be the interface, well placed navigation stick/buttons, or USB connector, we couldn’t have asked for a more intuitive pocket camcorder design. The Kodak Zi6 receives the platinum seal of approval from TechEBlog and we recommend it highly. Sample video below was recorded at 60fps HD, but Flash video conversion downgraded the quality.

Video Quality Sample



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