Lotrfan First Talking Time-Lapse Video
H/t: Peta Pixel
YouTuber ‘Lotrfan’ claims to have created the world’s first talking time-lapse video using photos taken over 285 days. This wasn’t simply editing the head shots together in Adobe Premiere / After Effects or DaVinci Resolve, but rather lining all 285 shots taken using a Logitech C922x webcam together using pre-existing footage of him talking.

Put simply, Lotrfan overlaid his webcam app over the source image and then used a transparency app to line up the shots like an animator does with onion skin. Interested in making your own talking time-lapse video? Three programs that helped Lotrfan include OBS studio for snapping the pictures, Glass 2k to make OBS semi-transparent and Shutter Encoder to stitch the finished shots together back into a 30 FPS video.


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