Plane Luxury RV Motorhome Conversion
Gino Lucci, an Air Force veteran, came across an old Doublas R4D airplane fuselage back in 2019, which was damaged by a tornado, and decided to purchase it for the cost of a used car. It didn’t sit there for long afterwards, as he dreamed of turning it into a fully-functional luxury RV. So, he began collecting parts from Bontrager’s Surplus and then spent a year building the unique vehicle, built atop a delivery truck, at his home in Michigan. Read more for a video and additional information.

Cube Far Dark Side of Moon China Rover
Photo credit: CNET
Yutu-2 is a robotic lunar rover that was launched on the Chang’e 4 mission to the Moon December 7 2018. It made a successful soft landing on the Moon’s far side on January 3, 2019, and has been exploring its mysteries ever since. Recently, it came across a bizarre cube-shaped structure on the northern horizon, around 80km away in the Von Karman crater. The team controller the rover will spend the next 2-3 lunar days investigating it. Read more for additional information and a bonus video on another oddity it found.

Cambridge University Super Jelly Run Over Car
University of Cambridge researchers have developed a super jelly that looks and feels squishy, but acts like an ultra-hard, shatterproof glass when compressed, despite being composed of 80% water. How so? The non-water portion of the material is essentially a network of polymers held together by reversible on / off interactions that control the material’s mechanical properties, allowing it to be run over by a car. Read more for a video and additional information.

Chainless Bicycle Prototype The Q
The Q is known for his crazy inventions, like this hubless bicycle, and his latest project is definitely no slouch either. He decided to build a chainless bicycle that can still be ridden normally, without any extra accessories or parts. Typically, a bicycle chain transfers the driving power from the bike’s pedals to its rear wheel for propulsion. Read more to see how this chainless version works.

Little Kitty Big City Cat Video Game
Developed by Double Dagger Studio and set for release in 2022, Little Kitty, Big City is a real video game that lets you control a cat where you’re able to explore, make friends, and even wear different hats. No other information has been released, but the studio did reveal that the game is coming to both the PC and game consoles, like the Xbox Series S / X, PlayStation 5, etc. Read more for the first teaser trailer and a handful of screenshots.

Orfield Labs Worlds Quietest Room Record
Steve Orfield founded Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis 40-years-ago and aimed to create the perfect open office with a perfect combination of lighting, architecture and sound design. Since then, they’ve become known for many things, but the anechoic chamber may top them all. It’s officially one of the quietest place on Earth, according to the 2012 Edition of Guinness World Records, with a then record of -13 dBA. Read more to see what happens when you spend 41-minutes in this room.

Russian Boy Boriska Kipriyanovich Born Mars Earth
Boriska Kipriyanovich from Volgograd, Russia, a so-called “Indigo Child”, claims to have lived on Mars in a past life before being reborn here on Earth to save it from nuclear apocalypse. If his story is to be believed, Martians were allegedly wiped out by a nuclear conflict thousands of years ago, and he warns that Earth is headed in the same direction and will share the same fate as “his people”. Read more for a video about the boy and additional information.

Homemade Flying Machine Drone Motors
Think of this custom-built flying machine as a makeshift paramotor, or more specifically, the harness and propulsive portion of a powered paraglider. The typical foot launch models consists of a frame with harness, fuel tank, engine, and propeller, all worn like a large backpack to which a Paraglider is attached through carabiners, but in this case, 50 drone motors. Read more for a video and additional information.

Google Maps Black Hole Vostok Island
A mysterious black hole was spotted on Google Maps recently and that left many wondering if it was just a glitch. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this anomaly is actually just Vostok Island, an uninhabited 56-acre piece of land owned by the Republic of Kiribati and located approximately 400-miles northwest of Tahiti. It’s one of five atolls located in the southern Line Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Read more to see the map and for a bonus.

Supersonic Baseball 1074MPH Mayonnaise Smarter Every day
Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day is no stranger to supersonic baseballs, but his latest stunt has him firing one at a gallon of extra heavy mayonnaise. This experiment involved the baseball cannon that was built for a previous stunt, which consists a giant pressure chamber and vacuum chamber fused together, with a plug as well as a ball separating the two. Read more to see the destruction that ensues in super slow motion.