Butterfly Chrysalids
At first glance, these appear to be golden jewels, but in reality, they’re just butterfly chrysalids. To be more specific, the orange-spotted tiger clearwing butterfly resides in the jungles of Central and South America with a wingspan of 65 to 75 millimeters. What really makes it stand out is its pupae, which are golden to say the least and are designed to distract predators and / or discourage them from getting to close. Read more for a video and additional information.

Inflatable Balloon Notre Dame
The French senate may have ruled that Notre Dame Cathedral must be rebuilt to the ‘last known visual state’, but Shepherd Studio wants to add a fun twist to the restoration. Called ‘Divine Intervention,’ this proposal calls for a giant inflatable balloon to be added to the top of the cathedral, sort of like a protective layer rises up at night and comes down during the day or during inclement weather. Read more for another picture and information.

Giant Squid Footage United States
The giant squid can grow to a tremendous size due to deep-sea gigantism with recent estimates putting the maximum size at 43-feet for females and 33-feet for males from the posterior fins to the tip of the two long tentacles. One giant squid was filmed for the first time in U.S. waters using a red-light camera called Medusa that boasts a mile-long plastic line that ends with a ring of jellyfish-like LED lights designed to lure curious squid towards it. Read more for the video and additional information.

Rare 9/11 Ground Zero Photos

Photo credit: Jasonn Scott via Peta Pixel
A collection of 2,400 photos of Ground Zero after the September 9th, 2001 attacks have surfaced and were discovered on a set of CDs purchased at an estate sale. You’ll see everything from law enforcement in the tower wreckage to cleanup crews. “My significant other acquired them at an estate sale as we collect and archive vintage media for public benefit. I handle a lot of the Internet and archival end of it, and she loves the fieldwork end of it.”” said Dr. Johnathan Burgess to PetaPixel. Read more to see a selection of photos from the collection.

NASA Curiosity Light Mars
Photo credit: Daily Mail
NASA’s Curiosity rover has been exploring the surface of Mars since 2012, so it’s no surprise that anomalies appear ever so often, with the latest being a mysterious floating light above a dune on the right side of the black-and-white image from the space agency’s archives. “One possibility is that the light is the glint from a rock surface reflecting the sun. When these images were taken each day, the sun was in the same direction as the bright spot, west-northwest from the rover, and relatively low in the sky,” said a NASA spokesperson. Read more for a video and additional information.

Delta Airlines Pratt & Whitney PW2000 Engine Grill
The Boeing 757 is a mid-size, narrow-body twin-engine airliner that is the company’s largest single-aisle passenger aircraft and was produced from 1981 to 2004. What happened to all of the decommissioned engines? Well, Delta Airlines decided to turn one of the Pratt & Whitney PW2000 engines into a functional barbecue grill with enough grilling space to serve all of the TechOps crew. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information

Kinetic Mechanical Mirror
New York City-based artist specializes in creating kinetic sculptures, and he’s best known for his ongoing mechanical mirror series. His older versions used hundreds of motors to rotate the pieces at different angles to change their appearance and a camera to observe the viewer capture them to be displayed. The latest ones utilize motion and laser sensors to “see” the person standing before the piece. “As you move, suddenly the piece moves. So then the piece is moving and that captures your eye, and you say ‘Oh my God, this is a kinetic piece. It’s moving. That’s very cool.’ And after maybe a few more seconds, you say ‘Hey, this piece is moving in tandem with me. It’s interactive. I’m actually creating what’s going on there,'” said Rozen. Read more for a video and additional information.

Microburst Hail Rain Calgary
Storms that bring hail and rain are nothing new, but it’s not everyday that you see a microburst storm dropping both on a small isolated section of a city. That’s exactly what happened across Alberta, Canada this past week, which saw severe thunderstorms bringing hail, heavy rain, whipping winds, and lightning. Scientifically speaking, this is called a hail shaft, which is found underneath a convective storm when an abundance of hail is falling from the storm. Read more for the video and additional information.

NASA Study Drugs Caffeine Spider

An old NASA Tech Briefs article from 1995 discussed work done Marshall Space Flight Center researchers to see how various substances — including caffeine — affected spider web patterns. To be more specific, they exposed spiders to a range of different chemicals, including caffeine, marijuana, and Benzedrine (amphetamine) and recorded how they spun their webs under the influence of each of those substances. Read more for another video and additional information.

Drone Motor Synth

Drone engines are great for flying, but Gamechanger Audio has found a new use for them, and it utilizes Motor Synth, their new analog electro-mechanical synthesizer. Put simply, it uses these motors as oscillators to generate unique sounds with a gritty, industrial tone. In other words, this synthesizer uses pickups to react to the changing magnetic field of its eight spinning motors, and since the sounds are created by the spinning motors while the pickups are reacting to a physical behavior, its unique sound is created. Read more for another video and additional information.