This interesting Get a Mac spoof for a Mexico-based phone company doesn’t feature a Mac or PC, but does pit customer against Yoo against Telmex. Continue reading for the video and translation.

[via Gizmodo]


Cool Girl: Hello It’s Yoo (It’s me in english), I have cable with more than 40 channels, a faster internet and unlimited local phone calls.

Fat one: I’m the phone company and I also have unlimited phone calls. (Telmex the monopolical phone company in Mexico)

Yoo: That’s not true (smiles)

Fat one: I give you 100 hundred phone calls… unlimited in time.

Yoo: (thinking: Liar)

Fat one: OK, just 100 hundred phone calls (sad)

Yoo: Change now, cable, phone and internet only 40 dollar per month.

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