CNN’s Money counts down the 100 best places to live in 2010, and the average home price trends in those areas is $400,000-plus. Continue reading to see the top 5, or click here for the full list. — image above via.

1. Eden Prairie, MN

Photo credit: Dave Lauridsen

At 5.1%, its unemployment rate is nearly one percentage point below the county rate and more than four points below the national average. It helps when you’ve got 50,000 jobs right in town.

2. Columbia/Ellicott City, MD

Photo credit: Pat Molnar

As for housing, the foreclosure rate is one of the lowest in Maryland, yet homes are affordable — by Northeast standards, anyway. Factor in excellent schools and a diverse population (17% of residents are black, 14% Asian), and you can see why this place has become a magnet for families.

3. Newton, MA

Photo credit: Dave Lauridsen

Less than 45 minutes from downtown Boston via train, subway, or express bus, Newton is divided into 13 “villages” loaded with classic New England charm. Most have pedestrian-friendly shopping districts, parks, and playgrounds.

4. Bellvue, WA

Photo credit: Pat Molnar

Real estate isn’t a bargain, but the town’s jobless rate is more than two points below that of the Seattle metro area, thanks to a recent influx of jobs from such employers as Microsoft (which has moved 6,500 positions here), T-Mobile, Verizon, and Expedia. In fact, Bellevue has more jobs than it does residents.

5. McKinney, TX

Photo credit: McKinney CVB

Lovingly restored 19th-century buildings house restaurants, boutiques, and galleries; the 1875 courthouse contains a new performing-arts center. Though McKinney has grown like mad over the past decade, you’d never suspect it when driving through its tree-filled communities surrounded by ponds, parks, and hiking trails.