EM Drive Engine

NASA has revealed an impossible fuel-free EM Drive engine that could take a humans to Mars in just 10 weeks by bouncing microwaves around in an enclosed chamber as well as using solar power, to create thrust. “I will tell you that we first built and installed a second generation, closed face magnetic damper that reduced the stray magnetic fields in the vacuum chamber by at least an order of magnitude and any Lorentz force [the force that is exerted by a magnetic field on a moving electric charge] interactions it could produce. And yet the anomalous thrust signals remain,” said Paul March, one of the top engineers working the EM Drive thruster at the Eagleworks Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center in Texas. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Researchers say the new drive could carry passengers and their equipment to the moon in as little as four hours, or to Mars in 10 weeks. A trip to Alpha Centauri, which would take tens of thousands of years to reach under current methods, could be reached in just 100 years. And as the thrusters are solar powered, propulsion would be generated along the way,” reports Mail Online.

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