NESPi Mini Nes

Photo credit: Daft Mike

Raspberry Pi 3 is popular among computer enthusiasts, but this is the first portable game console project we’ve seen that actually takes cartridges. Meet the NESPi, a palm-sized, 3D-printed NES console that even comes with its very own matching controller. “To make the case as compact as possible, I scaled down the real NES dimensions to 40% of actual size. This gave me just about enough room for the Pi to sit transverse, USB and network ports on the left, power and HDMI at the back. I could make a cut-out for the microSD card and would relocate two of the USB ports to the front where the controllers would be on a real NES,” said creator Daft Mike. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

“The wiring for the switches wraps behind the cart slot and the NFC cable needs to be folded up into the roof of the case to allow it to move freely. The front lid hinge is a couple of short lengths of filament. I printed a cosmetic piece to cover the opening and match the lines on the original NES,” adds Mike.

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