Truck Castle

It looks like an ordinary truck at first glance, but the two turrets on the back hint that it’s much more, as they can be rotated inwards for travel mode. When parked, this truck transforms into a fantasy castle of sorts. The owners built it as a solar-powered, off-the-grid home that has the ability to harvest rainwater on the go. The family of three built this home to suit their active lifestyle, enabling them to travel without having to compromise on quality of life. You’ll find living / working areas, a kitchen and all the amenities expected in a normal home. Continue reading for a video tour and more information.

“When parked, the house transforms into a fun structure that allows the family to experience the outdoors. A sleeping loft raises from above the truck and creates a space for relaxing. The turrets function as bathrooms-the left one houses a composting toilet, and a shower and a small washing machine are in the second. Solar panels on the roof are used to heat water while tanks below the truck serve as rainwater storage,” reports Inhabitat.

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