Swingline’s GBC Inspire Laminator is currently being offered for just $14.99, today only, originally priced at $51. The compact Inspire thermal laminating machine offers incredibly easy one-step laminating – all you have to do is plug it in. The Inspire warms up in 7 minutes and is able to laminate any document up to 9″ wide. Product page. Continue reading for a video of it in-action.

Notable features:

  • Thermal pouch laminating machine offers easy, carrier free, one step laminating.
  • Use 3 mil pouches for documents up to legal size. Use 3 mil or 5 mil pouches for items 4 inch x 6 inch or smaller.
  • Warmed up and ready to use in 7 minutes.
  • Laminates documents up to 9 inch wide.
  • 10 inches per minute laminating speed.

[via Amazon]

When you need to laminate at home, the Inspire thermal laminator is your best choice. Items laminated with Inspire and Swingline GBC pouches are always crystal clear, free of bubbles and perfectly preserved to last. The high-gloss finish also helps laminated items look great on display. Laminating is easy, fast and fun. More information.