The Razer Blade is touted as the world’s first true gaming laptop, and it comes complete with a programmable LCD-equipped keyboard. Other features include an Intel Core i7 3632QM Quad Core Processor, 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX660m graphics, and a 17.3-inch LED display. Product page. Continue reading for the video review, hands-on pictures, and a verdict.

Video Review

Here’s what The Verge has to say about the Razer Blade: “Like that Switchblade clamshell that Razer unveiled at CES 2011, the Blade is a concept – only Razer is actually selling it. In fact, if you take the manufacturer at its word, the laptop’s actually doing rather well, selling out of its first shipment and filling up pre-orders for another.” Product page.

Hands-On Pictures

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