Red Line’s RL-18101VD-01GR1-BB Chronograph Watch is being offered at just $97.99 shipped, originally priced at $725. Sporting “a black chronograph dial, black case, date display and a black silicone band, this watch is the functional and fashionable piece you have been waiting for.” Product page. Continue reading for a video review (same watch different color) and more pictures.

The red line Story:

  • Ever drive down a barren highway, wondering what it might be like to red line? To feel the danger, freedom and exhilaration that overwhelms your senses when you hit the gas?
  • In life, there are moments where to “red line” means deciding that reward on the horizon outweighs the risk. Where to “red line” means that we are willing to go beyond our comfort zone and strive for greatness.
  • The founders of red line/a_line – manufacturers of luxury timepieces for over three decades – have held true to the belief that a person’s watch should symbolize something beyond just minute hands and push buttons.

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Video Review