The following is a sponsored review. LandAirSea Systems brings its high-tech GPS tracking technologies to consumers. This tiny pocket-sized device receives GPS Tracking signals from approximately 24 Department of Defense satellites orbiting the earth. If nothing else, the tracking key is commendable for being an affordable way to measure vehicle travel.


Breaking completely from the bulky designs of most GPS devices, this key is powered by just two AAA batteries. It also comes with strong magnets for easy car mounting. LandAirSea GPS software enables recorded data to be “displayed over a street map, satellite images or in a text report.”


With battery life ranging from 1 week (4-hour use per day) to 3-weeks (1-hour use per day), the Tracking Key is a great choice for on-the-go consumers. Sometimes more is less, and this device proves it. Aside from its robust 16 channel GPS Receiver, you’ll pay no monthly fees for the service — ever. Also of note is its Google Earth compatibility and USB connectivity for easy downloads.


Want less talk and more action? Check out the demo here. Here, you’ll have to download Google Earth before viewing the files. Once again key features include mobility, ease of use, and user-friendly software.

About LandAirSea

Since 1994, LandAirSea Systems has been the leader in GPS tracking technologies and is also home of the “world’s most powerfully engineered GPS tracking equipment.”


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