Priced from $16,995 – $34,495, these Roehr electric motorcycles are available in three different trims. Best of all, the lowest-end model comes equipped “with a 48hp motor, 395lb weight, dual 300mm brake discs up front, 41mm inverted forks, and 5.8Kw/h worth of batteries good for 80 miles of range and 100mph top speed.” Click here for first picture in gallery. Here’s more info on the fastest model:

Step it up to the eSuperBike and you get two of the same motors for a combined power of 96hp but a total weight of 500lbs. Also, the rear shock gets boosted to an Ohlins unit (surely to handle that extra girth) and 7.7Kw/h worth of batteries good for 100 miles of range and 135mph top speed.

[via Engadget]

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