Maritime Flight Dynamics Inc.’s SeaPhantom looks like a fighter jet at first, but it’s actually an aquatic craft based on NASA’s Lifting-Body Airfoil design. Simply put, the hydrodynamic lifting surfaces mounted in the hull provide the pilot with passive response to variable sea conditions, as well as smoothing out wave impacts. No special training is required, thanks to the craft’s built-in stability systems. So, anyone familiar with high performance offshore powerboat operation is ready to go. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The SeaPhantom is designed to offer speeds approaching that of a helicopter but at the running costs associated with offshore powerboats. In the SeaPhantoms futuristic cabin a Mclaren F1 style seating configuration can be found, with 2+2 seating behind. To provide an outstanding field of vision for the pilot there are two large side windows as well as the windscreen. Wide-angle cameras relay video to a cockpit mounted screen to cover the remaining blind-spots,” according to Diseno-Art.