Tired of expensive earphones that promise a great fit and sound quality, but end up not delivering either? If so, the Sonomax eers PCS-250 is the solution you’ve been searching for. It basically combines a superior dual driver design and an in-line microphone into earphones that can be custom fitted at home, in just 5-minutes. Product page. Continue reading for our full review.


Priced at a very reasonable $299.99, the Sonomax eers PCS-250 system comes in a bright orange box that contains everything you need – including a handy carrying case — to get a perfect mold of your ears. The earbuds themselves are connected to a headphone-like “SonoFit” fitting system — right side is red / blue for the left — and each one will be filled with silicone so your ears won’t have to. Its value simply cannot be beat, as going to a quality audiologist for a custom fitting will cost you anywhere from $100 – $200 alone, without earphones provided. Once the fitting system is properly activated, you’ll have a set of custom-fitted earphones in just 5-minutes.

After the PCS-250 earphones are ready to go and plugged into a compatible device, you’ll immediately notice incredible sound, thanks to two dual driver speakers that act as the tweeter and woofer speakers that are similar to the ones found in most home theater systems. Best of all, they’re tuned to a flat musician’s response, allowing you to enjoy any genre of music just the way it was recorded. From our own tests, we found this to be true, going from electronica to hip hop was a delight to say the least, though it shined the brightest when paired with jazz, classical, or rock. These earphones blocked out external noise completely – we couldn’t hear people whispering / talking even with the music at low volumes.

Bottom Line

Overall, we have to say that these have been the best sounding and top quality earphones that we’ve ever used in the office, outshining even the highest-end Monster offerings. It is well worth the price, and we may have to purchase a few sets for our editors this holiday season. 5 out of 5 stars – HIGHLY recommended! Product page.



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