NotebookReview recently got their hands on the Sony UX180P ($1,800USD). This 1.2-pound Micro PC features an Intel Core Solo U1400 (1.2-GHz) CPU, 512MB of PC2-3200 400MHz DDR2 SDRAM, a 30GB 4200rpm Ultra ATA HDD w/G-Sensor shock protection , and integrated Bluetooth. For those who haven’t already seen, SlingPlayer demonstration after the jump. Here’s the verdict:

You have to lug a little more weight than a PDA, but the terrific screen, keyboard, bevy of wireless options, capability for a full Office suite and a fantastic browsing experience will be surefire winners. Of course the cost is three times more than the highest end PDA, but that’s part of the balancing act

[via NotebookReviewMobilityToday]

SlingPlayer Test