Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made its theatrical debut on Thursday evening (beginning at 7pm). So far, it’s amassed a solid $8.7 million box office gross, and set to break at least $95-million by the end of this weekend. In comparison, this number is slightly less than the $10-million that Spider-Man 3 opened with via Thursday midnight screenings on this weekend in 2007. Continue reading for one fan who decided to recreate some of the stunts with parkour.

For those wondering what The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is about: Scientist Richard Parker records a video message to explain his disappearance. Later, he and his wife, Mary, are aboard a private jet hijacked by a man sent to assassinate Richard. With the pilot dead, the plane crashes. In the present, Richard’s son Peter continues to fight crime as Spider-Man. He pursues and apprehends Aleksei Sytsevich, who attempted to steal a truck containing plutonium vials.

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