A Look Back


Sony GV-500 Portable VCR
Long before DVD players, there was the Sony GV-500 Video Walkman, an 8mm portable VCR that could have easily been stored in a backpack. It was officially touted as an video recorder with an LCD that allowed users to watch TV programs and video tapes anywhere. Featuring a menu function for six items, Hi-Fi stereo, a TV tuner, timer-activated recording, a sleep timer, and a MEGA BASS circuit for dynamic bass sound.

BBC Mobile Phones Cameras 2001
Mobile phones with cameras were just starting to take off in 2001, with many new models being introduced, including the Ericsson T66, Samsung SGH R220, Sony Ericsson T68, Samsung SGH-T100, Nokia 6310 and more. BBC correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones set out to see if this technology was feasible and why texting may have lead to the inclusion of cameras on many phones at the time.

D-Theater D-VHS New York City HD Video
DVDs had a competitor back in the 1990s, and it was D-VHS, a VHS-based high definition digital video recording format that was developed by JVC, Hitachi, Mitsubihi, Matsushita (Panasonic), and Philips. The video cassettes debuted in 1998 and capable of playing HD content in 1920×1080 or 1280×720 at 28.2 Mbit/s (HS speed), 720×576 (720×480) standard-definition content and bit rates from 14.1 Mbit/s down to 2.8 Mbit/s (STD, LS3, LS5 speeds).