Apple AirPods 2 with Charging Case

Apple AirPods 2 comes with the new H1 chip for faster wireless connection to compatible devices as well as “Hey Siri” integration, all for $139.99 shipped (order now to lock in price), today only, originally $159. Simply double-tap on the earbud to play or skip forward, and just plug in the case via Lightning connector to charge it up. Product page. Read more for a full hands-on video review and additional information.

Man Swallows AirPods
Taiwan resident Ben Hsu probably knew Apple’s AirPods were able to withstand some rigorous conditions, but probably not inside his stomach. How did he manage to swallow one of these earbuds? Well, he was missing one after waking up from a nap, so he hit the “Play Sound” option, and discovered that an AirPod was beeping from his stomach region. This lone AirPod either came loose and fell into his mouth or he pulled it out while napping right over his mouth. Read more for a video and additional information.

AirWatch AirPods Apple Watch
Industrial designer Jiae Connie Jung is wary of just how easy losing an AirPods earbud is, and thus the AirWatch was conceived. This charging case is not only a storage / charging device, but it snaps directly onto an Apple Watch-like device underneath, all the while mirroring the contents onto its own mini OLED display. When the case is mounted, users can read messages, check notifications, track fitness data, and listen to music. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Apple’s Beats officially revealed the Powerbeats Pro true wireless headphones today, which are claimed to sound better than AirPods 2, complete with a sportier design, adjustable ear plugs and water resistance. As shown in the earlier leak, they come with a small charging case, and offer up to 9 hours of audio playback on their own, or up to 24 hours of playback when stored in the case. You’ll be able to choose from black, white, dark green, and navy colors. One caveat: the case doesn’t support Qi wireless charging, so you’ll have to plug it in to charge. Read more for a hands-on video, additional pictures and information.

Apple AirPods 2
Apple is rumored to be officially unveiling the AirPods 2 on March 25 at a special event at the company’s Steve Jobs Theater, along with a new TV streaming service. This updated model will reportedly come in a black color and have a soft-touch matte coating to help them stay in ears more securely. Plus, it should feature wireless charging as well as hands-free voice commands, which means you won’t need to double tap anymore and say “Hey, Siri” to activate Siri. Read more for a video and additional information.

NeotrixQI Wireless Battery Charger Case Apple AirPods
The NeotrixQI Wireless Battery Charger Case lets you skip the wait for AirPower or next-generation AirPods, and it’s being offered for just $17.99. Simply put, it slides over your current AirPods case and instantly adds wireless charging in less than a second, making it a must-have for current owners, as you won’t ever have to deal with pesky Lightning cables ever again. Product page. Read more for a video of it in-action and additional information.

Twelve South AirFly

Twelve South’s AirFly lets you use AirPods as well as other wireless listening devices on any wired headphone jack, and it’s being offered for just $34 shipped, today only, originally $39.99. When the entertainment begins on your next long flight, simply plug AirFly into your seat’s headphone jack and listen to the film with your AirPods, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. It has a built-in battery that lasts about 8-hours and also includes a USB charging cable, along with a travel pouch that holds both the device and charging cable. Product page. Read more to see it in-action on a Nintendo Switch and for additional information.

AirRings AirPods Earrings
Photo credit: Instagram via Buzzfeed
Let’s face it, Apple’s AirPods are quite easy to lose, especially if you don’t put them back in their charging case immediately after use. Gabrielle Reilly, a 22-year-old paralegal from Virgina, has come up with an interesting solution. “I absolutely refuse to lose them. My cat ate through two pairs of Beats Bluetooth earphones, and all my other earphones. So I got the AirPods because there was no wire for her to chew but I still needed something to connect them. So I made earrings. I also have a chain necklace that I used to connect them. It took me maybe around an hour to make the earrings because I had to custom-make the piece that connects the AirPods to the earrings,” she told Buzzfeed. Read more for a video, another picture, and where to get them yourself.

Xiaomi AirDots

If you happen to be in China, you’ll be able to pick up a pair of Xiaomi AirDots, a set of wireless earbuds that features Bluetooth 5.0, and aim to give AirPods some competition. They’re priced at just 199¥ ($28.60 USD), and unlike Apple’s version, these come with silicone tips for better sound isolation and a more secure fit. Read more for additional pictures and information.