Apple iPhone SE 3 Leak
Photo credit: TenTechReview | XLeaks7
The Apple iPhone SE 3 is rumored to be launched some time in Q2 (April-June), and from these leaked renders, it appears to be a combination of its predecessor as well as the XR. It reportedly measures in at 5.4″ x 2.6″ x 0.28″ and is 0.32″ thick, but what really stands out is that Face ID appears to replace the familiar Touch ID button. Other rumored features include a 5.69-inch OLED panel, which is slightly larger than the iPhone 13 Mini’s. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 45mm
The Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS, 45mm) is not only stylish, but it can help you get in shape this year, and it’s being offered for just $379 shipped, today only, originally $429. It comes equipped with an electrical heart sensor, a Blood Oxygen sensor and watchOS 8, which helps users stay healthy, active, as well as connected through new workout types. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

Waterproof USB-C iPhone Hands-On
This isn’t the first USB-C iPhone, just the first with waterproofing. Unfortunately, it’s not the latest iPhone 13 model, but rather an iPhone X, created by Gernot Jöbstl. There is not tricky business going on inside the device, but its creator did mention that the wiring could be a little bit neater as well as having more polish on the chassis. Read more for a hands-on look at a water test.

New Apple AirPods 3 3rd Gen 2022 Review
Apple AirPods 3 are the perfect true wireless earbuds for those who don’t need Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and you can get a pair for $139.99 shipped, today only, originally $179. Coming from the second generation, you’ll notice a shorter stem that comes equipped with the same intuitive force sensor as AirPods Pro for media control. These earbuds are resistant to both sweat and water, with an IPX4 rating for both the earbuds and the charging case. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

ZecOps NoReboot iPhone Malware Fake Shutdown Camera Microphone Access
Security researchers at ZecOps demonstrate NoReboot, which is essentially a piece of iOS malware that uses a persistence method to bypass the normal activity of restarting the device to clear malicious activity from memory. This means that an infected user would think that the device has been powered off, but in fact, it’s still running, simulating a real shutdown. It accomplishes this by injecting code into three daemons responsible for controlling the shutdown event. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

GripBook Pro MacBook Pro Carry Accessory
Matty Benedetto of Unnecessary Inventions builds new products each week, and the GripBook Pro just might be one of his strangest creations yet. Simply put, it’s touted as a luxurious way to carry your MacBook Pro. Featuring a replica hand that has been engineered to ergonomically designed to mimic the grasp of a real-life counterpart, but unfortunately, offers little to no protection for your laptop. Read more for a short video and additional information.

Apple Special Edition Year of the Tiger AirPods Pro Lunar New Year
Apple’s AirPods Pro have been one of their best selling noise cancelling wireless earbuds to date, but unfortunately, there haven’t been any special editions released in the US. To celebrate Lunar New Year in China, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong, Apple is releasing a special edition Year of the Tiger AirPods Pro that come with a special box and charging case. Read more for an unboxing and hands-on look.

Apple 10.2-inch iPad WiFi 2021
The all-new Apple iPad could be the best value of the entire lineup, and you can get one for $299 shipped, today only, originally $329. It now comes equipped with Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, which offers a 20% performance increase over the previous generation. This makes the 9th-generation iPad up to 3x faster than the best-selling Chromebook and 6x faster than the best-selling Android tablet. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

Apple Year of the Tiger Beats Studio Buds China Lunar New Year
Anyone who follows the Chinese zodiac probably already knows that 2022 is the Tiger, or the third of the 12-year cycle of animals. Digging deeper, 2022 is the year of the water tiger, which comes around once ever 60-years. To celebrate, Apple is releasing a limited edition pair of Beats Studio Buds in China on January 1, 2022, priced at ¥1,099 ($172 USD). Read more for additional pictures and information.