Augmented Reality


DARPA Perceptually-Enabled Task Guidance (PTG) Program AI AR
DARPA’s Liberty Lifter is designed for transporting large payloads at sea, while their Perceptually-Enabled Task Guidance (PTG) program takes AI assistants to the next level, thanks to AR headsets. Simply put, this program aspires to develop virtual task guidance assistants capable of working with different sensor platforms to help military personnel perform complex physical tasks and expand their skill-sets.

Lenovo Glasses T1 Augmented Reality Smartglasses
First, there was the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 augmented reality smartglasses, and now, the Lenovo Glasses T1 wants to take things to the next level. Not only can they be paired to full-function USB-C-equipped Windows, Android, and MacOS devices, but they also connect with Lightning Connector-equipped iOS devices using an optional adapter. Swappable nose clips, adjustable temple arms and support for custom prescription lenses ensure maximum comfort.

Apple RealityOS WWDC 2022 Augmented Reality
Photo credit: iDropNews | Parker Ortolani
Parker Ortolani discovered a trademark for “RealityOS” that was submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) back on December 8, 2021 for categories such as “peripherals,” “software,” and “wearable computer hardware.” Despite the trademark being filed by a mysterious Realityo Systems LLC, it could hint at an upcoming AR / VR glasses reveal at WWDC 2022.