DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drones
While it takes a skilled pilot to fly a drone through Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin, the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drones are designed to help companies transition toward drone platforms by offering enterprise-grade features needed for commercial operations. Available in Mavic 3E and Mavic 3T models, the former can be used for efficient mapping as well as surveying missions without the need for Ground Control Points, thanks to its 20MP wide-angle camera.

Undefined Technologies Silent Ventus Drone Ion Propulsion
Undefined Technologies’ ion-propulsion Silent Ventus drone may not be as agile as this one used for a Red Bull stunt, but it did manage to keep noise levels below 75 dB during its recent 4.5-minute test flight. The startup is aiming to achieve flights of at least 15-minutes of duration with noise levels below 70 dB by the end of 2023, thus eliminating noise restrictions for the last-mile cargo delivery sector.

Underwater SeaSearcher Drone
Seafarer’s SeaSearcher isn’t the first underwater drone, but it’s the only one we’ve seen capable of precisely detecting and identifying metals buried up to 33-feet (10 meters) beneath the seabed, while also transmitting a three-dimensional digital map of the object’s location. Seafarer received an official permit from the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research to explore an area south of Cape Canaveral.

FPV Drone Iceland Volcano Eruption Lava
Svanur Gabriele, a 17-year-old photographer based in Iceland, used an FPV drone to capture insane footage of a new volcanic eruption in Iceland for Airstock. The footage you’re about to see was shot above the Geldingadalir and the Meradalir volcanoes on August 3rd, 2022. They used a custom-built freestyle FPV drone equipped with a GoPro Hero10 action camera.