RED Cinema Camera FPV Racing Drone
Let’s face it, even the best consumer drones equipped with cameras aren’t quite up to Hollywood standards. How can one improve upon this? Strap a RED cinema camera onto a 100MPH FPV (First-Person View) racing drone of course. That’s exactly what the guys over at Potato Jet did, and the results are crazy to say the least. However, these racing drones are far more difficult to master than standard ones, mainly due to their power to weight ratio. Read more to see the chaos that ensued.

Lucid D1 Disinfecting Drone
Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta is set to begin using drone-based technology to help sanitize the facility, thus becoming the first professional sports stadium to do so. The team will use this technology for post-event disinfecting of the seating bowl, handrails, and glass partitions at the stadium. These drones allow for a 95% reduction in time spent cleaning the seating bowl and the ability to redeploy associates in other areas of the stadium as well as being fourteen times more efficient than regular backpack foggers. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Sonin Hybrid Recruit Drone
Photo credit: Sonin Hybrid
First responders constantly deal with life or death situations that require immediate assistance, but sometimes, that just isn’t possible, whether due to the location or other factors. Atlanta-based Sonin Hybrid is developing a Recruit Drone that aims to keep first responders safe and extend their missions like they never could have before. It achieves this by using patent-pending gasoline and battery-powered system to recharge batteries while in flight. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Amazon Ring Drone Flying Security Camera
Ring from Amazon is best known for their security cameras and doorbells, but today, they unveiled an autonomous flying indoor security camera drone. Officially called the “Ring Always Home Cam,” it provides homeowners with a variety of viewpoints throughout their home without having to purchase multiple cameras. Put simply, you’ll be able to see if any appliances were accidentally left on or just if the doors are locked, with this compact, lightweight, autonomously flying indoor camera. It has predetermined flight paths set by the user, providing greater visibility when no one is home. Read more for a video and additional information.

Oculus AI-Powered Anduril Ghost 4 Military Drone
Oculus founder Palmer Luckey’s new company, Anduril, has just debuted their AI-powered Ghost 4 military drone. It runs on the Lattice platform capable of handling complex missions and collecting all the data into an easy-to-view dashboard, enabling just one person to operate a swarm of drones. This artificial intelligence-based platform also lets it perform 32 trillion operations per second, making it 100 times faster than other drones currently on the market. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Drone France Mont Saint-Michel
France’s Mont Saint-Michel is an island located just a few hundred meters from land and is accessible by foot at low tide. In its early days, it remained unconquered during the Hundred Years’ War, as a small garrison fended off a full attack by the English in 1433. Louis XI then turned it into a prison and was used regularly as such during the Ancien Régime. Read more for a magical fly through of Mont Saint-Michel by Benoit Finck.

Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery
Photo credit: Jordan Stead / Amazon
Amazon Prime Air has just received Federal Aviation Administration approval to start commercial drone deliveries of small packages. The online retailer has been conducting regular delivery drone tests since 2013 with the ultimate goal of using the flying machines to deliver items in just 30 minutes, first in low-population areas with packages weighing no more than 5 pounds. Read more for two videos and additional information.

AI Drone Swarm Behaviour
Caltech engineers revealed a new data-driven method to control the movement of multiple drones through cluttered, unfamiliar spaces, so they do not collide with each other. Obstacles that needed to be overcome in new environments include making split-second decisions about their trajectories despite having incomplete data about their future path and how not to run into one another. Read more for three videos and additional information.

US Customs Border MQ-1 Predator Minneapolis
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) flew an unarmed General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drone over Minneapolis as protesters continue to protest against police brutality. It was first discovered on a flight tracking tool by members of the ADB-S Exchange, and is apparently surveying protests there. Read more for two videos about the MQ-1 Predator and additional information.