Grand Theft Auto 4


Grand Theft Auto IV iCEnhancer 4 RevIVe Mod
Does Hayssam Keilany’s iCEnhancer sound familiar? That’s because the last canceled major update was back in 2014. Currently, the developer is working on a new mod project for Grand Theft Auto 4, iCEnhancer 4 & RevIVe, which aims to not only improve the performance of the game, but graphics quality as well. Some of the upgrades include volumetric fog, lifelike water effects, more realistic trees, multi-layered clouds, high-quality reflections, improved night shadows and more.

GTA 5 Galaxy Note 7

In a few months, we may all forget about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall debacle, but for now, everyone, including Grand Theft Auto V modders, are getting their punches in. This version of the game replaces the sticky bomb with the handset, and can be picked up directly from the game’s weapons store. In the cabinet next to some heavy guns sits the Galaxy Note 7, though slightly resembling the Note 5 more. Once players make the purchase, you can use the device wreak all kinds of havoc in typical “GTA”-style fashion. In all seriousness, let’s just hope that Samsung does manage to replace all faulty devices within the next few months, or some of these scenarios could actually become reality. Click here to view the first image in this week’s geek life gallery. Continue reading for a viral video explaining how advanced aliens would need to be to contact us.

If Rockstar existed during the NES’s golden days, this is how Grand Theft Auto might have looked. It features lots of gore, weapons, and even a Tanooki suit for some reason. Continue reading for the College Humor parody.

As ridiculous as the fake GTA was, the commercial freaked me out. It’s unbelievably dumb, but kids, this really was how we rolled.

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For $800.00 on eBay, you could land this rare GTA4 Xbox 360 console, limited to just 500-units worldwide. According to the seller, it “features the classic GTA IV Montage screened on the TOP AND BOTTOM of the console.” Auction page. Click here for first picture in gallery.

This Xbox console is part of an exclusive promotion between Microsoft and Rockstar Games. They created these limited editon 360 consoles to promote the launch of the GTA IV game.

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