NERF Halo LMTD Needler Dart-Firing Blaster
The NERF x HALO LMTD Needler Dart-Firing Blaster can either be displayed as as collector’s piece or used in battles, and you can get one for $99.99 shipped, this weekend only, originally $199. This toy faithfully recreates the blaster’s iconic design with flexible needles that light up when the handle is gripped. Fire darts and watch the needles go dark to simulate how they launch from the blaster in the game. Product page.

Halo Reborn
Halo fans rejoice! Halo: Reborn is an all-new campaign that follows the original trilogy, but retells it through entirely new environments and encounters, all in one game as a continuous story. All of the missions will be unique with a larger scope compared to the original, while environments are getting a complete overhaul using photogrammetry, 1K-4K textures, new foliage, skyboxes and more.