What sets Far Cry 2’s multiplayer mode apart from others is that it’s “rather easily put together a detailed map and upload it online for others to check out.” Video after the break.

There’ll be a player feedback system as well so you can get a sense of what the community thinks of your creation.

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Web of Shadows

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows offers an “all-new combat system combines web slinging and customizable superpowers to give gamers the freedom to fight and explore in a free-roaming, open-ended environment.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows immerse players in an all-new action-adventure saga that gives them unprecedented control, never before seen in a Spider-Man game.

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Mirrors Edge Game

The Mirrors Edge game “uses Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 rather than DICE’s own Frostbite Engine because the development of Mirror’s Edge began before Frostbite’s development was complete.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

In order to address the issue of simulation sickness that is concomitant with the free movement of the camera in first-person view, a small reticle was placed in the centre of the screen, though this is not apparent from the first video released because it was removed from the in-game footage shown.

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Pure Game

In this Pure game featurette, we “get the dirt on this racer’s trick system, multi-route courses, and online multiplayer.” Videos after the break.

The Pure director Jason Avent has assured gamers that both Xbox 360 versions and Playstation 3 versions will run exactly the same.

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Skate 2 Game

In this Skate 2 game interview, “Associate Producer Chris Parry breaks down some of the new controls and locales in San Vanelona.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

EA is touting another major improvement in Skate 2 – frame rate. The final game will run at a locked 60fps according to the developer. The Xbox 360 version we played was hitting that mark most of the time, and the gameplay feel was definitely better for it.

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Rage 360

Id Software has just released two new Rage screenshots, showing off the game’s mutants. On to the bad news, John Carmack stated during QuakeCon “that the Xbox 360 version of Rage would look the worst — due to the game’s assets needing to be compressed heavily to fit them onto two DVDs.” Continue reading for the Rage 360 interview. Click here for one more picture.

Carmack stated that the royalty fees that Microsoft would charge for a third disc were so high that it did not make for a feasible solution, and is hoping that the company would make a concession.

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Left 4 Dead Game

In this GT featurette, we “learn about the new dynamic post processing that brings the scares to Left 4 Dead.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

..the game relies heavily on squad-based gameplay — you have to constantly watch your teammates on screen to see if they need help or reviving. The game has a vision tweak that allows you to see your teammates through walls as silhouettes of their profile.

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