Why is McDonald's Ice Cream Make Broken
Have you ever been to a McDonald’s for a McFlurry, soft serve cone or sundae and found out that their machine was broken? Well, there may be a simple reason for this, and it’s not because of the employees at that particular location. One previous theory said it was due to a tedious cleaning cycle that can last hours, or to be more specific, an 11-step process that includes using a sanitizer/warm water mix to clean seven removable parts.

Pokemon Trading Card Game McDonalds 2021
McDonald’s Happy Meal toys have been a hit with collectors, but the frenzy has never been greater, thanks to a new 25th anniversary Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) promotion going on right now. It has gotten so bad that internet scalpers have been hoarding boxes of the sealed packs, without meals, direct from store employees, and then reselling them for an extreme markup online. There are a total of 50 cards in the limited edition set, with half of them being shiny foil versions. Read more for two videos showing the cards and additional information.

McDonalds China Spicy Chili Oil Sundae Youpo
Photo credit: Chenchen Zhang
McDonalds Spam + Oreo Burger made a splash a couple of weeks ago when it was offered for just a single day in China. Now, the chain has begun selling a spicy chili oil sundae. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this is also a one-day item, available just on January 25th. However, residents living in Beijing city, Hebei or Liaoning provinces may need to travel outside of those regions to get their hands on one of these.