McDonalds China Spicy Chili Oil Sundae Youpo
Photo credit: Chenchen Zhang
McDonalds Spam + Oreo Burger made a splash a couple of weeks ago when it was offered for just a single day in China. Now, the chain has begun selling a spicy chili oil sundae. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this is also a one-day item, available just on January 25th. However, residents living in Beijing city, Hebei or Liaoning provinces may need to travel outside of those regions to get their hands on one of these. Read more for a picture of the actual item.

McDonalds China Spicy Chili Oil Sundae Youpo
There’s not much to this dessert other than vanilla soft serve with a generous serving of spicy chili oil on top. If you do happen to be around one of the participating locations, you’ll need a members only coupon from the app to redeem for one at no cost, although we’re not able to confirm if this membership costs anything to join.

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