Dad Build Tank Son MWIG World of Tanks
Sure, you could buy a Polaris Rampage, but this dad wanted to build a functional miniature tank inspired by the World of Tanks game for his son, complete with tracks and even a rotating turret. Powering this machine is a 250cc engine from a Piaggio scooter making 22 hp engine. A few other components were also salvaged from the scooter including the instrument cluster and some electronic parts.

DARPA Perceptually-Enabled Task Guidance (PTG) Program AI AR
DARPA’s Liberty Lifter is designed for transporting large payloads at sea, while their Perceptually-Enabled Task Guidance (PTG) program takes AI assistants to the next level, thanks to AR headsets. Simply put, this program aspires to develop virtual task guidance assistants capable of working with different sensor platforms to help military personnel perform complex physical tasks and expand their skill-sets.

Navy Indoor Ocean Naval Surface Warfare Center
When naval engineers aren’t working on an electric laser weapon system, some are busy at the Navy’s indoor ocean and its 216 cutting edge, electronically-controlled wave boards. Located at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., the hinged wave boards each come equipped with its own motor synced up to software that can precisely recreate eight ocean conditions across all seven seas.

Elbit Systems LANIUS Drone
Elbit System’s LANIUS drone is designed to carry both lethal and non-lethal payloads, or in other words, explode upon reaching its intended target. These unmanned aerial vehicles sit atop a larger drone and can be deployed from there, thanks to its relatively light 2.76-pound frame. On a full charge, the small lithium battery is good for a flight time of up to 7-minutes.