Tesla Model S vs Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle Drag Racing
Under normal circumstances, very few, if any, production cars can win in a drag race against even the factory 2012 Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. However, when you pit the Tesla Model S Plaid against a modified superbike outfitted with a 1340cc engine making 204 wheel horsepower, the former puts up quite the fight. Let’s just say that the instant torque of the Tesla Model S Plaid definitely helped it off the line. Read more for the video and additional information.

Emile Leray Citroen C2V Car Turned Motorcycle Morocco Shara Desert
Emile Lerey, a French engineer, found himself stranded in the Sahara Desert after his Citroën 2CV broke down during a 1993 trip to Morocco. Unfortunately, the closest town was around 20-miles away, so he came up with the idea of scrapping his vehicle and transforming it into a motorbike. He started by removing the vehicle’s body and using it as a shelter. Next, the chassis was shortened before fixing the axles and equipping it with three of the four wheels. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Kawasaki K-Racer X1 Unmanned Helicopter Ninja H2R
Unmanned aerial vehicles are nothing new, but you probably haven’t seen one like the Kawasaki K-Racer. This unmanned helicopter is powered by a 1,000cc engine from a Kawasaki Ninja H2R motorcycle, making it perfect for heavy-lifting, especially when paired with the company’s robotic system for loading or unloading cargo. Read more for a video and additional information.

Ducati DesertX Off-Road Motorcycle
Here’s a first look at the Ducati DesertX, a rugged adventure bike with an intense off-road design that is ready to handle any terrain, including desert dunes, narrow off-road paths, gravel roads and curvy mountain roads. It comes equipped with a 21″ front wheel / 18″ rear wheel, a new steel trellis frame and a long travel suspension with dedicated settings, all packed into a 445 lb frame. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Hookie Moon Motorcycle Concept
Russia-based industrial designer Andrew Fabishevskiy came up with a two-wheeled lunar rover in 2020, or motorcycle if you will, and now, Hookie Co. has made it a reality. It’s based around an all-electric CAKE (Swedish electric bike company) drivetrain, was built in Dresden, Germany, and can be seen at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles through March, 2022. Making the actual bike took 9-months from start to finish, with backing from Puraglobe Syntainics. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Bandit9 The Supermarine Motorcycle
Ultra sleek and stylish, the Bandit9 Supermarine would not look out of place in The Matrix Resurrections. This motorcycle not only looks the part, but has the hardware to back it up, starting with the handcrafted coral-shaped frame made from 7075 aluminum, the same material used in the construction of missiles as well as other weapons. The body itself is manufactured from race-spec ABS plastic or carbon-fiber.

The Q Motorcycle Moto Simulator Racing Game
Let’s face it, playing racing games with a controller simply doesn’t recreate the thrill of speeding around a track, but this inventor may have a solution. The Q managed to weld his very own motorcycle simulation rig that works with nearly any racing game. The build process involved sketching the rig before cutting and then welding rectangular tube steel with a MIG welder. Read more to see the build and it in-action.

SAIC Design R-RYZR Electric Motorcycle Car
SAIC Design unveils the R-RYZR, a futuristic electric vehicle concept that explores how a user could connect and interact without the need for a key or even physical contact. It features the RYZR Smart-JKT, which connects to the car simply through the motion of sitting in the seat, giving the user control and access to an exclusive mobility club. Think of the R-RYZR as a wearable electric motorcycle meets car.

Ride 4 Motorcycle PlayStation 5 Realistic Graphics
Milestone’s Ride 4 running on the PlayStation 5 at 4K and 60FPS might confuse some people for actual motorcycle footage, but it’s just an ultra realistic game, or at least from a graphics standpoint. The PS5 version makes use of the console’s solid-state drive to reduce loading times and the DualSense controller to bring the gas and brake levers to life. That’s right, these levers have their own resistance to transmit the same sensations as their real-life counterparts. Read more for the video and additional information.