Google Home Mini Free Spotify
Photo credit: CNET
Spotify Premium members rejoice! You’re now eligible to receive a free Google Home Mini. For those who haven’t heard of this smart speaker, it boasts a small pebble-like form factor with a fabric top that its white-colored status lights shine through and is available in “Chalk”, “Charcoal”, “Coral”, or “Aqua” color options. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

Microsoft the Musical
Yes, Microsoft the Musical exists and it’s not just some random parody video. It was dreamed up and led by real Microsoft Interns, and starts off with them introducing Bill Gates before coming up with the ‘Idea of Gates’ to motivate people to continue working on their ideas. Then it moves on to Windows and how it ended up funding all of their future projects. Read more to watch and for additional information.

Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman
Gone are the days of portable cassette players, but that doesn’t mean Sony can’t revive its Walkman brand. That’s exactly what they did with the NW-A100TPS. This special 40th anniversary edition has a special logo on the rear panel and includes a specially designed soft case package, which draws inspiration from the TPS-L2 Walkman, Sony’s first portable cassette player that was released in 1979. Read more for a video and additional information.

LEGO Star Wars Droid Orchestra iPads
The LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander kit basically teaches you how to code, and what better way to showcase the possibilities than by creating an entire orchestra? To be more specific, the team at LEGO used 95 droids, 10 violins, 8 keyboards, 4 cellos, 30 iPads, and 1 incredible inventor (Carl Merriam). Even more awesome, the orchestra was conducted using Boost apps. If forming an orchestra just isn’t your thing, the Boost app also has drag & drop coding plus authentic sound / music. or equip the droids with tools and weapons to complete missions. Product page. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Godzilla Guitar
The Godzilla franchise, created and owned by Toho, is recognized by Guinness World Records to be the longest continuously running movie franchise. It’s been in ongoing production from 1954 to the present day, with the film franchise alone consisting of 35 titles – 32 produced by Toho and three Hollywood films. So, it’s no surprise that its creators would partner with ESP guitars for a limited edition electric guitar, priced at a crazy $52,486 USD. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Gray Area Festival Exoskeleton Rave
How about a music festival that combines art, technology, and music? You’ll find it at the Gray Area Festival’s exhibit called ‘Inferno’ where attendees wear robotic exoskeletons and dance to a ‘dark industrial’ soundtrack. The only real bizarre aspect about this rave is that the subjects aren’t in control of the suits, but rather the ‘DJ’ who controls both the music and their movement. Read more for a video and additional information.

Flame Throwing Electric Guitar
How To Make Everything’s Andy George wanted to combine his industrial and musical skills into a single project, and thus this flame-throwing Mad Max: Fury Road Coma-Doof Warrior style electric guitar was born. Long before the project began, he pitched the idea to famous online guitar teacher Marty Schwartz, and then took down notes on the best way to approach this fiery instrument. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Drone Motor Synth

Drone engines are great for flying, but Gamechanger Audio has found a new use for them, and it utilizes Motor Synth, their new analog electro-mechanical synthesizer. Put simply, it uses these motors as oscillators to generate unique sounds with a gritty, industrial tone. In other words, this synthesizer uses pickups to react to the changing magnetic field of its eight spinning motors, and since the sounds are created by the spinning motors while the pickups are reacting to a physical behavior, its unique sound is created. Read more for another video and additional information.

Apple Park Steve Jobs Lady Gaga

Musician and Oscar award winner Lady Gaga performed live for Apple employees on Friday at an exclusive Apple Park opening ceremony to mark the official opening of the company’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, and as a tribute to Steve Jobs. Drone videographer Duncan Sinfield discovered a new rainbow stage at the heart of its Apple Park campus, and yesterday, they discovered that it was for this event. Read more to see Lady Gaga perform “Shallow” on the stage.

Game of Thrones Westworld
Game of Thrones Season 8 is well underway, and one Belgian designer wanted to reimagine the title sequence in the style of another one of his favorite shows, Westworld. Called “Westerosworld”, this mashup consists of Westworld’s opening credits and throws in dragons, the house flags, Night King, as well as the Iron Throne, complete with a reimagined Game of Thrones’ theme song. Read more to watch.