Marshall Uxbridge Voice Alexa
Sleek and stylish, the Uxbridge may be small in size, but it’s large in sound, delivering the signature Marshall sound coupled with the helpfulness of Amazon Alexa. This device offers multiple ways to connect and enjoy music, while using your voice to multi-task, hands-free. Ask You can Alexa to turn the volume up for your favorite song or dim the lights for a snooze. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

James Barnes Bionic Drummer
Photo credit: Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech professor Gil Weinberg created an innovative prosthesis for Jason Barnes, a drummer who was electrocuted and lost his right arm below the elbow. Simply put, it’s a single-stick device with sensors that responds to Barnes’ bicep muscles. When he flexes, it sends signals to a computer that tightens or loosens the stick and controls the rebound. Read more for a video and additional information.

Scanners Making Music Barcodes
Japanese artist and musician Ei Wada specializes in repurposing old electronic appliances into musical instruments, whether it be 20 reel-to-reel tape recorders or this barcode project, which was created under that group’s umbrella in 2018. All of these are standard barcode scanners that have been modified to generate sounds by connecting scanned signals directly to the audio terminal to output sound. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

Microtonal Guitar LEGO Fretboard
Guitarist and father Tolgahan Çoğulu from Turkey specializes in building microtonal guitars that incorporate alternate tuning scales as found in traditional Turkish music and solving the ‘major third problem.’ This problem arises due to the nature of dividing the octave into 12 equal semitones. His latest project all started two years ago when his son Atlas made the adjustable microtonal guitar keyboard using LEGO. Once the keyboard was completed, he asked if he could use it on the real guitar, and the rest is history. Read more for a video about the build and a demonstration of the completed instrument.

Elon Musk Don't Doubt Ur Vibe EDM
Not satisfied with just being Tesla and SpaceX CEOs, Elon Musk decided to add EDM artist to his resume. Just yesterday, he released an electronic dance music (EDM) track on SoundCloud called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”, and not only did he write the song, but apparently performed the vocal tracks on it as well. It’s a part of his new s “Emo G records” label and in just half a day was played more than 1.2-million times on the music streaming service Soundcloud. Read more for a listen.

Bjork Microsoft AI Korsafn
Singer, songwriter, producer, and Icelandic artist Björk teamed up with New York’s Sister City hotel as well as Microsoft to create Kórsafn, an AI-powered composition that builds on the generative soundscape concept. In other words, this is a living and evolving soundscape, thanks to Microsoft AI, while the images in the installation are powered by a camera perched on the roof of Sister City. Read more for a video and additional information.

iPhone Guitar iCaster
Art Mayer of Russia’s Copper Guitars is known for this crazy builds, including a guitar made from 36 ramen noodle packs, and now, he’s unveiled his latest project, the iCaster. This Tele model guitar was crafted from 107 iPhones that have been gutted of their electronic internals. He then glued them together in a block roughly four phones thick before carving out the body, which sports a mahogany sustain block, using a Tele-style template. Read more for a video and additional information.

SEGA Genesis Synthesizer
There’s the latest Korg ARP 2600 FS synthesizer, and then this one by Sam Battle, made from an old SEGA Genesis. Put simply, the game console was mounted to a metal sheet drilled with holes for potentiometers, or what one uses to adjust the parameters. Mounted out back are Arduino Nanos processors that run custom code, along with multiplexers connected to the buttons and dials out front. Yes, even the cartridge slotted into the console is a custom MIDI interface. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Roland Facet Grand Piano Tesla
The Roland GPX-F1 Facet Grand Piano yet another interesting product to hit CES 2020, and many claim that it draws inspiration from the none other than the angular Tesla Cybertruck. However, the company says it’s based on the themes of design, connectivity and evolution, created by a team in Hamamatsu, Japan using Jong Chan Kim’s design, winner of their contest. Read more for a video and additional information.

Travis Scott Tesla Cybertruck
Rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Travis Scott wanted his latest music video to stand out, so what better way than by featuring the Tesla Cybertruck, Cyberquad ATV as well as The Boring Company’s flamethrower? That’s exactly what he did for “Gang Gang”, and in just a single day, the video has already received over 1.8-million views at the time of this posting. Read more to watch the clip and for additional information.