Pizza Hut Newstalgia Pac-Man Box AR Game
Remember Pizza Hut restaurants back in the 1980s, when there was still an arcade games section? If so, the fast food chain wants to bring back that nostalgic feeling with their new “Newstalgia” campaign. Order a large Tastemaker pizza to get a limited edition box, and then simply scan the QR code to play a unique augmented reality PAC-MAN game. You’ll also be able to enter a sweepstakes by following the on-screen prompts for your chance to win an actual PAC-MAN arcade cabinet. Read more to see the box in-action and for additional information.

Toyota Pizza Truck

Officially called the “Tundra Pie Pro,” this custom Toyota concept made its debut at SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada today. It’s powered by a Mirai-sourced hydrogen fuel cell that can not only power itself, but the entire bed-mounted, robotic kitchen. The vehicle can make a fresh pizza in 6-7 minutes after receiving the order, thanks to two robotic arms that cut, box and then hands the pie over to the customer. Continue reading for more pictures and information.