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PS2 Portable Mod
Photo credit: DarkwingMod
Sony’s PlayStation 2 is currently the best-selling video game console of all time, having sold over 159 million units since its release in 2000. Over 3,800 games have been released for the console, with over 1.5 billion copies sold. There were several smaller, lighter revisions of the console known as Slimline models in 2004, but one thing they didn’t make was a portable version, but Reddit user “darkwingmod” created the next best thing. Read more for a video and additional information.

PS2 Fish Tank

Photo credit: PS2FishTank
Sony’s PlayStation 2 (PS2) home video game console was first released in 2000 and competed with Sega’s Dreamcast, Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox in the sixth generation of video game consoles. It’s currently the best-selling video game console of all time, with over 155 million units sold, and more than 3,874 game titles released since launch. So, it would only be fitting for a fan to create the world’s first and only PlayStation 2-inspired aquarium, right? That’s exactly what we have here, and this is just stage one, as the next one would involve turning it into a Raspberry Pi machine that anyone can access. Read more for additional pictures and information.

PS2 Nike Sneakers

Photo credit: Pino Linto

These PlayStation 2 sneakers may look official, but they’re actually the work of console modder Pino Linto. It’s basically a pair of Nike VaporMax Plus kicks with gamepad buttons placed down the sides and a PlayStation logo added. Unfortunately, they can’t be used to play games, but at the very least, they’re great conversation pieces. Continue reading for a video preview.

PlayStation Collecting recently interviewed Ahans76, who to their knowledge, “is the only collector in the world to have a full NTSC Playstation 2 library.” Even more surprising, this gamer is only 23-years-old. Click here for more pictures.

My entire collection consists of first editions. What first edition means is when a game came with a white Sony seal on the top of it.

[via EngadgetPlayStation Collecting]

From afar, it may look like a Jack Thompson book, but it’s actually a functional PlayStation 2. One caveat: “the cell phone is on the book because the cover won’t close under its own weight.” Click here for first picture in gallery.

One verifies that he bought the book used off eBay, so, no 13-cent royalty for Mr. Thompson on that sale. “It cost me a total of 7 bucks, including shipping. It was also a library book, which evidently was never checked out.”

[via Kotaku]

This PlayStation 2 TOOL dev kit on eBay is essentially “a development kit and a Linux workstation thrown in for free — you’re not required to use Linux to talk to the TOOL machine, it uses standard TCP/IP.” Auction page. Click here for first picture in gallery.

You can also develop interesting utilities which only need to be compatible with your Intranet, rather than learning a propriety method to access the development kit.

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Here’s a first: a custom Katamari controller built using “a metal ball, an optical mouse, bits of PS2 controllers, and a little help from Arduino.” Unfortunately, DIY instructions weren’t provided. Video after the break.

Kellbot calls the controller ‘a hella fun way’ to experience Katamari Damacy, and the video footage makes me want to agree.

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Gamer “the2jakes” has built a custom head-mounted display for the PlayStation 2, using “just an ingenious rig, a baseball cap and a USB cable extender.” Videos after the break.

…his homemade head-mounted display controls the game view with the natural movement of his head, rather than using his thumb. In this video he uses his invention to look around while playing Test Drive Unlimited

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