Sonic Frontiers Story Trailer
SEGA confirmed a November 8th release date for Sonic Frontiers with a new story trailer at Gamescom 2022. We get to see more gameplay of Sonic running at high speeds, collecting rings, grinding on rails, and targeting enemies to attack. Some new abilites you may notice are combat attacks, running alongside walls, and using the Cyloop to create a circle of light around objects to interact with them.

GiGO Akihabara Arcade SEGA World Closure Tokyo
Photo credit: Genki
GiGO Akihabara Arcade Building 4 is set to closer on September 25 at 8:00 pm local time in Tokyo, and if this building looks familiar to you that is because it was formerly SEGA World. Fortunately, three more GiGO Akihabara Arcade locations will remain after this one closes, but Building 4 not only housed a plethora of games, but also a cafe used for many collaborative events.

Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble Remake PC
This Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble remake make look like an official SEGA release, but it’s just a fan project. It was originally released on the SEGA Game Gear in 1994 and is a side-scrolling platformer just like the previous Sonic games, but also follows Tails. Players can choose to control either Sonic or Tails through multiple zones, with each one consisting of three levels, with the last one containing a boss fight.