Voxon VX1 Hologram Table
If you’ve been seeking a piece of Star Wars-like technology that can be purchased now, then look no further than the Voxon VX1 Volumetric Display. Put simply, it’s a real-life hologram table that enables you to view 3D objects and animations from all angles without requiring special glasses. The display achieves this by using 3D printed slices of light stacked in layers. Read more for a video and additional information.

Noble Gases Neo Electricity
Ever wonder what happens when a noble gas meets electricity? This video should answer that question. Why does this happen? Well, all noble gases conduct electricity and light up when a current runs through them. They are odorless, colorless and monatomic (exist as individual atoms) and due to its relative inertness, neon does not form any known stable compounds in nature. Read more for the clip and additional information.

Vollebak Indestructible Puffer Jacket
Vollebak’s Indestructible Puffer is touted as the “world’s strongest jacket,” and rightfully so. It’s made from 100% Dyneema, which is apparently 15x stronger than steel and 40% stronger than high-strength aramid fibres, which means it can withstand shearing, tearing, and blunt-force traumas with ease. In early tests, the mooring lines were so strong they even broke the machines meant to be testing them, and the body armor stopped bullets from a Kalashnikov. Read more for a knife test video and additional information.

Electric Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus
The Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus is a forward control light commercial vehicle first introduced in 1950, and to keep it up to date, California-based EV West decided to give a 1972 model year vehicle an all-electric makeover. They swapped out its four-cylinder gas-engine for a 2017 e-Golf-sourced 35.8kWh battery pack and 134hp electric motor, mated to a single-speed transmission in the rear compartment of the Type 2. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Neuron EV T-ONE Electric Pickup Truck
California-based Neuron just showcased its futuristic T-One electric pickup truck at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, and some would say that this is what the Tesla Cybertruck should’ve looked like. It’s based on a skateboard chassis and powered by a multi-source propulsion system that draws power from an all-electric traction battery pack, replaceable reserve power, and removable solar panel truck bed cover. Read more for two videos, additional pictures and information.

Immune Cell Migration
Scientists using a high-tech microscope have captured real-time an immune cell migrating through the inner ear of a tiny zebrafish for the first time ev er. The blue dots are particles of dextran, a sugary polysaccharide that’s found in many substances, being swallowed by the immune cell. This experiment was led by Physicist Tsung-Li Liu’s team of researcher who combined two different imaging techniques into a hybrid that allows them to study a variety of delicate subcellular events in vivo. Read more for the clip and additional information.

Massachusetts Police Robot Dog
Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini was first unveiled around 3-years ago, and this four-legged canine-inspired robot, which only weighs 55-pounds and is lighter than its competition, has been improved upon ever since. Now, the Massachusetts State Police are using a version as a police dog of sorts for use as a mobile remote observation device. Read more for a video of it in-action and additional information.

Yes, we’re getting closer to real invisibility cloaks that will be used in everyday life, starting with Hyperstealth Biotechnology’s creation. Called “Quantum Stealth”, this technology is currently designed to only hide objects positioned a specific distance behind the shield, and even when the object is obscured, you can still see the outline of the material. Read more to see what the company has in store for the future.

NASA Deep Space Robot Europa
NASA scientists has sent BRUIE, or the Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration, into Antarctica this month to drive upside down under sea ice. Why? It’s spending the next month testing its endurance at Australia’s Casey research station in Antarctica in preparation for a mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa in search for life beyond Earth. The Antarctic waters are the closest Earth representation of the seas of an icy moon, which makes them a great testing ground for BRUIE technology. Measuring three feet long and equipped with two wheels to roll along beneath the ice, the buoyant rover can take images and collect data on the important region where water and ice meet, or the “ice-water interface.” Read more for a video and additional information.

Oppo Reno Ace Fastest Charging Smartphone
Here’s a hands-on look at the Oppo Reno Ace Gundam 40th Anniversary Edition, which sports 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 technology that charges its 4,000mAh battery in a mere 30 minutes. All 30,000-units feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855+ chipset, a 90Hz 6.5-inch AMOLED display (2,400 x 1,080 resolution), an in-display fingerprint reader, 48-megapixel main camera, UFS 3.0 fast storage and stereo speakers. Read more for the video and additional information.