Ogio Alpha 525 Convoy Backpack Review

The Ogio Alpha 525 Convoy Backpack is sleek, stylish, and designed to go anywhere. Unlike other bags, the convoy collection uses 100% Cordura Eco (1200D), the most premium and sustainable fabric, made from ultra-durable polyester and recycled plastic water bottles. It’s been tested for exceptional abrasion resistance as well as anti-tear strength, all wrapped in a rugged, yet functional, design. There’s enough room to comfortably store a 15” laptop + tablet in a special waterproof zippered pocket, two bottles on each side, 4 front molle straps, 6 compression straps, a hidden back panel security pocket, 3 organization pockets up front, and then a luggage pass-through slot for easy transportation. We took this on our daily commute, loaded it with electronics, and even hiked mountain trails with this backpack in tow. Product page. Read more for our full review.

Drone Boeing 737 Collision

Aeromexico is currently investigating whether a drone slammed into one of its Boeing 737 jetliners as the aircraft approached its destination Wednesday in Tijuana, Mexico, as images shared on social media showed considerable damage to the nose of the aircraft. Crew members we heard saying they heard a “pretty loud bang” shortly before landing and asked control to check if the nose was damaged on Flight 773 from Guadalajara. “The exact cause is still being investigated. The aircraft landed normally and the passengers’ safety was never compromised,” said Grupo Aeromexico. Read more for two additional photos of the damage.

Plague Fort Russia

Drone fans rejoice! Plague Fort, also known as Fort Alexander, is a naval fortress on an artificial island in the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg and Kronstadt. Between 1899-1917, it housed a research laboratory on plague and other bacterial diseases. By the end of the 19th century, the fort was primarily used for ammunition storage, as the development of rifled artillery rendered the fort facilities ineffective for defensive purposes. During the 1890s, in wake of the discovery of the plague pathogen by Alexandre Yersin, the Russian government formed a special Commission on the Prevention of Plague Disease to facilitate research in this specific area of bacteriology. In August 1899, research work took off at Plague Fort, mainly focused on the study of plague disease and preparation of plague serum and vaccine from the immunized horses. Read more for another aerial drone video and additional information.

Yosemite Firefall

Photo credit: National Geographic / Sarah Bethea
National Geographic has been published continuously since its first issue in 1888, and it has always showcased the beauty of our planet. This year, the winners were selected from from nearly 10,000 entries in three categories – People, Places and Wildlife. The photo above was captured by Sarah Bethea of the Yosemite Firefall. “Each February, the sunset hits the right angle over Yosemite Valley to light up horsetail falls, resulting in a spectacular effect looking something like a lava-flow. we were fortunate enough to see this event two years ago during a clear break in an otherwise rainy day,” said Sarah. Did you know that the original Yosemite Firefall began as a summer event in 1872 and continued for almost a century? That’s right, burning hot embers were spilled from the top of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park to the valley 3,000 feet below, but ended in January 1968, when the National Park Service ordered it to stop because the overwhelming number of visitors that it attracted trampled the meadows. Read more to see ten more winners.

Game Changer Yacht

Based on the Damen Yacht Support 6911, this 227-foot vessel has been fully customized and is perfect for a supervillain who just happens to be a worthy enough opponent to make your hero look good. Of course this person is also clever and accomplished enough that people must lend him begrudging respect, and this yacht is perfect, as it comes with a fully-equipped dive center, Saab Falcon remote vehicle, as well as a U-Boat C-Researcher submarine. Step out onto the deck, and you’ll find a fully-certified helipad with a hangar beneath made for an Airbus H130. That’s not all, it’s also certified for Arctic operations, with a max speed of 22 knots and room for a a crew of 22. Read more for more fascinating images from around the web.

Finnish Forest Animals
Photo credit: Ossi Saarinen
Ossi Saarinen, a photographer from Finland, wants to show that his country is more than what most pictures show, especially the nature side of things. So, he regularly plans expeditions into the many forests that cover nearly three-quarters of the country. As you might’ve already guessed, he comes across lots of wildlife, including sleeping animals, like the fox above, who just happens to have found an ultra comfortable nook. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Rich Family Photographer
Photo credit: Unsplash
Are you a professional photographer that has always wanted to travel the world, even if it’s with someone else’s family? This job may be for you. One wealthy family from the UK is reportedly looking for a travel photographer, and offers to pay over $100,000 a year. To find the perfect candidate, they contracted photographer booking service Perfocal to narrow down the applicants. “We need someone to travel around the world with us and take photos. The photographer will be expected to travel for up to 3 months at a time, should work up to 10 hours on days of work, and will receive full sick pay and 30 days of holiday during the year,” according to the family. Read more to see all that the job entails.

Beauty and the Beast Tokyo Disneyland
The Enchanted Tale of “Beauty and the Beast” attraction is currently being built in Tokyo Disneyland as part of a large-scale development plan bringing new attractions, entertainment, shopping and dining to the park in spring 2020. Beauty and the Beast Castle, the centerpiece of this area, will tower nearly 98-feet above the surrounding area. The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast will invite guests to step into the animated film aboard ride vehicles that dance in rhythm to the film’s music, filled with next-generation animatronics. Read more for a sneak peek video, additional pictures and information.

PAN Treetop Cabins

Photo credit: Hi Consumption
The term minimalism refers to when something is reduced to its necessary elements, and in the architectural world, designers focus on the connection between two perfect planes, elegant lighting, as well as the void spaces left by the removal of three-dimensional shapes. PAN Treetop Cabins, created Espen Surnevik and Finn-Erik Nilsen, in Norway exemplify this. The abstract design allows these living spaces to blend seamlessly with its naturally forest surroundings. Read more for additional pictures and information.

The Other Place Escher Rooms

Photo credit: Studio 10 | Chao Zhang
Studio 10 has just completed its M.C. Escher-inspired “Dream & Maze” guestrooms at “The Other Place” guesthouse in Guilin, China. The “Dream” room features the endless, floating Penrose stairs and several other objects that appear to be straight from the mind of Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. “Anti-gravitational stairs lead to golden doors, behind which there could be a trail leading to a secret forest – or some other unexpected findings that surprises you,” said the design firm. Read more for additional pictures.