Video Games


Fortnite Marshmello Concert

Electronic DJ Marshemllo performed a live concert in Fortnite: Battle Royale this weekend, or to be more specific, 2PM ET, at Pleasant Park, but for those who missed the event, there are already replay videos available for you to watch. Previous events lasted only a few minutes, but as you an see, this one definitely carried on for much longer, complete with giant smiley emoji balloons for the players to interact with. Read more to watch a 2.5-hour replay and reaction of the event.

Kholat Survival Horror Steam

Looking for something to do this weekend and love survival horror games? Steam is offering a free game to download through its client, the 2015 indie survival horror hit Kholat from Polish studio IMGN.PRO, complete with narration by actor Sean Bean. It’s available now on the Steam Store through February 4 at 9 AM PT. For those who don’t already know, the title is based on the Dyatlov Pass incident, a true event that involved ten Russian students, nine of which went missing on Kholat Syakhl, with the tenth student who walked back earlier due to illness, being the only survivor. Read more for a full video playthrough of the game.

Xbox Adaptive Controller Microsoft Super Bowl

Microsoft has just revealed its Super Bowl 2019 commercial, and it showcases the inspirational stories of children who play Xbox games with help from their friends, family and the innovative Xbox Adaptive Controller. The face of this special controller has two large, domed buttons that can be mapped to any function using the Xbox Accessories app. It also sports a large d-pad, menu button, view button, and the Xbox home button found on the standard Xbox One controller. “The story illustrates Microsoft’s commitment to building accessible technology that levels the playing field and creates opportunity for all of us,” said the company. Read more to watch the Super Bowl spot.

Microsoft Xbox One X Bundle
Microsoft’s 1TB Xbox One X NBA 2K19 bundle is being offered for $100+ off, and you can pick one up for $398.99 shipped, today only, originally $499.99. This bundle includes the Xbox One X console, a wireless controller, the full-game download of NBA 2K19, a 1-month Xbox Game Pass trial, and a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial. NBA 2K19 celebrates 20 years of redefining sports gaming: start your MyCAREER, make a name for yourself, play with the legends, and explore your open-world ‘Neighborhood.’ Product page. Read more for a video unboxing and additional information.

PC Building Simulator

After a period in Early Access, PC Building Simulator has officially launched on Steam for $19.99. It’s exactly as it sounds, and includes vendors like NVIDIA, Deepcool, Thermaltake, as well as an extensive list of available options and configurations for players looking to simulate real-world builds as closely as possible. Players can run their own PC repair workshop and take care of everything from simple diagnosis and upgrades to creating custom builds that any gamer would love to own with real-world parts from manufacturing partners such as AMD, ASUS, CORSAIR, Deepcool, EVGA, Fractal Design, GIGABYTE, MSi, NVIDIA, NZXT, Razer, Thermaltake and more, complete with simulation benchmarking software 3DMark. Read more for an in-depth look and additional information.

Fortnite Marshmello Snowfall

There were several new assets discovered in the Epic Games Fortnite patch v7.30 that confirms world famous DJ Marshmello will be preforming live in-game concert at Pleasant Park starting at 2PM EST on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019. Plus, an in-game player model, complete with dancing animations, of the DJ has been spotted, but this could be just an NPC (non-playable character) model used during the live concert. Read more for a video on the new Snowfall prisoner skin.

Apple Netflix Gaming Subscription

News website Cheddar claims that Apple is working on a new gaming subscription service after citing five people “familiar with the matter” in a new report says that iPhone-maker started having conversations with game studios last year to create a “Netflix for games.” Subscribers would pay a monthly fee to gain access to a certain number of titles. There’s currently no timetable for when this service will launch, how much it would cost or which publishers, what types of games would be included or what devices it would be compatible with. Read more for another video and additional information

Unity Google AI Challenge
Unity Technologies has partnered with the Google Cloud Platform to launch the Obstacle Tower Challenge, which aims to test the limits of artificial intelligence in games. Contestants will be able to win cash, travel vouchers, and Google Cloud Platform credits, valued at more than $100K. This game is built upon Unity’s Obstacle Tower, a newly released game-like environment intended for machine learning researchers that involves a combination of platform-style gameplay with puzzles and planning problems inside a tower setting with potentially endless floors. It will examine how machines operate in a variety of areas, including computer vision, locomotion skills, and high-level planning, through platform-style gameplay with puzzles and planning. Read more for a video and a link to sign up.

Raspberry Pi Computer Game Boy

The Raspberry Pi 3 mini computer can be used for many projects, including building portable game consoles, like the one you see above. This modder crammed one of these into an original DMG-01 Game Boy, complete with an IPS 3.5-inch display, 6 face buttons, L&R plus buttons, and even an Analog Stick. It can easily run N64 games to many arcade classics, thanks to its 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, dual-band wireless LAN, and Bluetooth 4.2/BLE in the same mechanical format as the Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+. Read more for another video and additional information.

The Legend of Zelda Doom Mod DB
Your eyes aren’t playing tricks, Mod DB user “Exkodius” is trying to recreate The Legend of Zelda in the Doom engine. In other words, the classic 8-bit game can now be played in a 3D perspective. Unfortunately, the programmer does not have the time and / or resources to complete the project, so files, along with a demo, were released onto the internet. “I really hope someone with the passion or just the know how can have some use of this and maybe even finish it?,” said Exkodius. Read more for a video and the link to download the files to try it out yourself.