This post was sponsored by Keeta: The Eco-Friendly Mattress Store. What sets these eco-friendly mattresses apart from the others, is that “each product has higher levels of recycled, recyclable, and sustainable ingredients.” In addition to being environment safe, products such as the Tea-Leaf Classic use high quality materials, and are priced from $699.99.


On the website, you’ll find several useful sections, which include a Showroom page, How are we green?, and a store to buy mattress.

Free Shipping

Yes, Keetsa offers free shipping from there warehouse to your home, with no strings attached.

Please don’t let our low prices make you think that you’re getting a lower quality product. Our new business model was created from the ground up to be efficient and to cut out a lot of the fat that exists with traditional mattress sellers which makes their mattresses so expensive

What we liked

After throughly examining the mattresses and store, here are a few things we liked: quality, price, website presentation, and most of all prices! If you’re around the San Francisco area, you can check out their showroom here.

The first thing you’ll notice is that our showroom is a fraction of the size of other sleep shops. It’s all about being efficient and having a tightly focused product line. And, it’s all about pressure-free shopping. Join us here and sample a cup of Keetsa Green Tea before checking out the products