Tetris Minecraft DLC Announcement Trailer
The Tetris x Minecraft DLC add-on is available now, and it lets players use Tetrimino pieces to help restore the Matrix. That’s right, these new add-ons are custom blocks, items, mobs, recipes, and more that you can add to existing as well as new worlds to change up gameplay.

You won’t have to clear any lines until the Tetrimino Generator is powered up, as the blocks contain all kinds of valuable, new resources and items inspired by the nostalgic gameplay features in Tetris. Just watch out for hostile mobs called Tetrimonsters, but once they are tamed, they’ll fight for you and some of them can even be ridden. You can download it now for 990 Minecraft coins ($5.75 USD).

Buffalo Games - Tetris - Strategic Puzzle Game - Great for Family or Adult Game Night - Ages 8 and Up - 2...
  • Ages 8+, fun for Tetris fans of all ages. 2-4 players, each player uses their own Matrix tower. 20-30 min playtime.
  • Score points by completing lines, fulfilling achievement cards, and matching pieces to icons on your tower.
  • Addicting head-to-head multiplayer strategy puzzle game that is great for family game night.

Tetris Minecraft DLC Screenshot
Tetris Minecraft DLC Screenshot
Tetris Minecraft DLC Screenshot
Tetris Minecraft DLC Screenshot
Tetris Minecraft DLC Screenshot

The enduring appeal of Tetris lies in its simplicity: easy to play and highly intuitive, making it accessible to everyone. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are humbled by the continued growth of our fan base. It’s a remarkable achievement for any brand, especially a video game, to transcend generations, and Tetris has firmly established itself as a cultural icon. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue evolving Tetris for future generations. We aim to innovate while preserving the core elements that have made Tetris timeless, ensuring it remains a beloved and relevant part of the gaming world for years to come,” said Maya Rogers, CEO of Tetris.


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