Here’s an incredible look at Inventionland, the Pittsburgh-based corporate headquarters of Davison Design & Development, which churns out over 2,000 inventions per year. According to George Davison, his intention in building Inventionland was to provide a creative work environment in which Davison’s employees – artists, graphic designers, industrial designers and others – design, develop and create prototypes of and packaging for new products and inventions. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.

Within Inventionland lie 16 themed sets, named and designed to reflect the new-product invention activity within. For example, within the giant robot, also called Inventron 54, consumer electronics are the specialty. Within the Motor Speedway, automotive products are developed. At the Inventalot Castle, decorated with George Davison’s family coat of arms, novelty and holiday gift items are the focus; it also serves as the daily meetingplace for employees. The Creation Cavern hosts designers of outdoor apparel, hunting, fishing and hiking goods, survival tools and the like. Within the Pet Shack, all manner of pets and their needs are conceived.