This week our editors have complied a list of the “Top 10 Coolest (or Strangest) Robots” that we’ve come across in recent time. Please leave us a comment with any cool robots that we missed.

10. Robotic Lego Bartender

Lego blocks can be used to build just about anything, including this robotic bartender which was spotted at CeBIT 2006.

9. HRP-2 Promet

These robotic assistants can complete tasks such as controlling your TV, opening the fridge, and pulling a chair out with just a few simple voice commands. It even responds to requests like “please come here” with “what can I do for you?”. Capture 3D images with its four built-in 2.8mm wide angular cameras located behind the visor.

8. RiSE: The Amazing Climbing Robot

Weighing a little over 4 pounds, RiSE is a six-legged climbing robot that can trek up and down vertical terrains. It uses a fixed tail for balance on steep ascents. [Roborama]

7. RHex – The Robotic Pooch

Boston Dynamics brings you RHex, a robotic pooch that can climb over just about anything (grass, mud, railroad tracks, etc.). RHex has a sealed body which allows it to operate in wet conditions and dive underwater.[OhGizmo!]

6. ACM-R5 Amphibious Snake-Like Robot

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the ACM-R5 is a radio-controlled amphibious robot designed to move like its real world counterpart. It can slither or swim underwater for 30 minutes on a full charge. Inside, you’ll find an intricate sensor system (attitude/torque), small-sized camera, and a 32bit micro controller.[]

5. Sony QRIO

The QRIO can not only dance/walk on two feet, but also adapt to walking surfaces, made possible by four pressure sensors under the sole of each feet. Not even robots are perfect so that’s why QRIO will always return to an upright position after a fall or being pushed. Even more amazing, it can distinguish between faces, voices, and behaviors.

4. Honda ASIMO (Updated Model)

This new Asimo can now run at 6 km/h, greet passerbys, walk hand-in-hand, turn on the spot, and be used in an office. Or you could just use it as your personal assistant to bring coffee/drinks and greet guests.

3. BigDog – The Robotic Mule

Developed by Boston Dynamics for military purposes, the BigDog is a four-legged robotic mule that can carry over 88 pounds. It’s very sturdy as it can withstand a kick to the body without falling over. [trf]

2. Albert Hubo Einstein Robot

Hanson has created the world’s first walking, talking Einstein robot. The Albert head can run for hours on just two AA batteries because of its special “Frubber” material which requires only 1/20 the energy of normal animatronics. [Hanson]

1. WR-07 – A Real Transformer

Made by Hemiji Soft Japan, the WR-07 is a real transforming robot that was created for Robo-One. It goes from car to robot in a matter of seconds. [ShoutIt]


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