Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 10 Strangest (or Coolest) Computer Setups” for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

10. The Ultimate Mac Setup

One of our readers pointed us to this incredible Mac setup. Yes, it features three 30-inch Apple Cinema displays, a 23-inch display, 1.42 GHz Mac Mini, iSight, and a 17-inch Powerbook G4.[Source]

9. “The Wing”

Put simply, “The Wing” is one of the coolest Mac setups we’ve seen. The desk is made from a machined airplane wing and the MacBook is connected to a wall-mounted flat panel. A wireless keyboard and mouse were added as finishing touches. [Source]

8. Cyborg Setup

This setup looks to be straight out of a horror movie, but inside that cyborg is a fully functional computer, complete with an AMD64 X2 4400+ CPU, 2GB of OCZ RAM, a 512MB GeForce 7900GTX graphics module, and a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi card. [Source]

7. Wall-O-Monitors Setup

Have a spare wall? “Crazy Jon” from QJ.net did and decided to mount twelve LCD monitors for the ultimate gaming/productivity setup.

…twelve 30-inch Dell flatscreen monitors are sitting in his office, and he’s grinning from ear to ear. Also among the pile of goodies are six NVidia GeForce 7900 GTX 512mb video cards, and three Turbo-Cool 1KW 1000-watt power supplies.


6. Newspaper Box LAN Setup

Here’s a first: a fully functional PC stuffed into an old newspaper vending machine.

We came to the conclusion that we could take care of all the issues by putting together one portable unit that would contain everything needed for a smaller size Lan to run smoothly and efficiently to maximize the time spent on actually playing games. We named this idea for a unit ‘The Lan Party in a Box’


5. Whisky Bottle

When is a whisky bottle not just a whisky bottle? When you manage to stuff a working computer inside it. This casemodder packed a 1.5L Ballantine’s bottle with an Intel P3 733EB processor, 256MB notebook RAM, 40GB hard drive, and 60W mini-ITX power supply unit. To solve cooling problems he drilled several holes at the side panel and glued an old VGA card cooler to the bottleneck. [Source]

4. Mountain Dew Setup

If you like the idea of having a Mountain Dew dispenser built in to your PC, check out the Dew Mod. Tyler Carlton took apart an old soda system and crammed it into a custom built case. On the inside, you’ll find an AMD Athlon 4800+ X2 processor, 2GB of OCZ Platinum DDR 3200, Dual GeForce 7800 GTXs, WD Raptor 75GB 10,000 RPM hard drive, and a LiteScribe DVD-RW.

In a desperate attempt to alleviate the aforementioned problems, I sat down with my friends and concocted the ultimate gaming machine. Unfortunately, unable to overcome the challenges of bio breaks and real life (without taking steps we would rather not go into at this time) we had to settle for the version 1.0 of the ultimate gaming machine. Hence, the idea of the Dew Mod was devised


3. Skunkworks F-117A

This amazing computer setup was designed specifically for playing flight simulators and as a gaming console. It features three 17-inch LCD monitors, an AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 processor, 1GB(512MBx2) of DDR PC-3200 memory, dual nVidia NX6800-TD256 graphics modules in SLI configuration, and a WD Raptor 74GB 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive. [Source]

2. Ultimate Quake 3 Setup

The guys over at plastk created the “Ultimate Quake 3 Setup” by running the game on a 12-node Linux cluster with two monitors per server.

“The resolution of the game is still 10240×3072 and runs on a 24-monitor Linux cluster here at Virginia Tech’s HCI lab.”


1. DeLorean Mac Mini Setup

Ryan Brandy created this custom Mac Mini setup in his DeLorean, complete with sound system, iSight on dashboard, and a projector center.

I have always wanted to put a Macintosh-based computer into my DeLorean. Today, you can read about how I made that a reality. This project involved more than just a carputer. This is the merging of an automotive environment and a computing environment. This creates a portable office in your DeLorean. Not just a drive-in movie theater, but a drivable drive-in movie theater


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