Sometimes, we’re just too tired and lazy to clean in between our keyboard keys, much less opening up the entire case to dust hardware components. These three computers take dirty to a whole new level. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Smokey Has Seen Better Days

You know you’re computer is dirty, when the keyboard looks like something you’d find in a trash disposal yard, after decomposing for 20-years or so. If anything, this specimen should be entered in to the Guinness Book of World Records for dirtiest input device ever. We can’t begin to imagine how dirty the actual computer is.

2. Duster Anyone?

While not as nasty as the keyboard above, this computer appears to have been residing on the surface of Mars for the past 10-years. The heatsink is even trying to create its own wormhole to a parallel universe where things are much cleaner.

3. Powered by Windows 95

We have seen what happens to dirty computers left to rot, and they apparently still fire “up with Windows 95 and a warning that the anti-virus program was 91 months out of date.” During its better days, the rack-mounted computer was integrated in a CNC machine system.