So you’ve seen the myths, now check out the top three “sins” of Windows Vista — according to IntelliAdmin. Current users, do you agree? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

3. Networking

Look at all of the options I am given here. If you have never used Vista before – Quick tell me how to change the IP address on my wireless card! I think they could have split many of these options into totally different areas and made it much cleaner, and easy to use

2. Start Menu

If you forget the trailing backslash it will launch a program that is the closest match to that word. So for me, when I type c: It launches Remote Desktop! Argg! I must still make this mistake about 10 times a day. It would be so easy for them to check and see if the folder exists before launching an application

1. Broken File Browsing Interface

Notice that when I clicked on the dropdown it shows me a bunch of websites. A BUNCH OF FRICKEN WEBSITES! No, not the usual tree of folders, and My computer so I can locate a file. Sure, I can click on the left to one of my ‘Favorite locations’, but this takes much longer than the tree interface ever did

[via IntelliAdmin]

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