SpeakingFreely recently put together a list of things to do with your computer when you have no internet connection, and we’ve picked three of our favorites — picture above is not one of them. If you have any to add, please leave us a comment. View after the jump.

Alternately, you could stick to your usual tactics – namely, refreshing your browser every 5 seconds while you curse your ISP’s hold robot. Or you could, you know, step away from your computer, but really – who would be so crazy?

[via LifeHacker]

3. Run any maintenance programs you don’t have auto-scheduled

Reclaim your drive space and allow your PC to run smoother

2. Clean out and categorize your bookmarks

I don’t know about you, but I tend to just click ‘bookmark this page’ and call it good. Yesterday, when I hit the little ‘down arrow’ on Firefox to let the bookmark list scroll down I counted. Not sites, but seconds. 11 seconds worth of scrolling bookmarks is way too many. If you haven’t visited a site in a month it’s not important

1. Delete programs you don’t use

Why delete them when you have plenty of space on the drive? Because it makes things like Scandisk and Defrag run faster. It might not make your PC run any smoother, but you’ll feel good knowing you aren’t wasting space

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