When is a chainsaw not just something you use for tree felling, limbing, bucking, or pruning? When they’re used to create functional bikes (above), carve sculptures, and more. Continue reading to see the five craziest ways to use a chainsaw.

5. Demolish Logs

What you’re seeing in this video is “The Predator”, a V8 engine-powered chainsaw that has enough juice to demolish any tree or log in sight. It’s so powerful that the machine requires two people to operate safely, that is unless…you’re Chuck Norris.

4. Chainsaw Bike

If your goal is to traverse the world at extremely slow speeds, dangerously, and with exceedingly loud engine sounds, this chainsaw bike is just for you. Let’s just say that starting everything up and then shutting it down will take you at least a good 5-minutes.

3. Opening a Beer

While opening a beer with a chainsaw may be overkill, it’s definitely a great way to entertain friends and family before the big game starts. Unlike the professional in this video, we highly recommend wearing protective gear, or else you may lose a lot more than just the tops.

2. Carving Sculptures

Some artist like to paint, Richard Lewis makes amazing sculptures with a chainsaw. This particular video was shot for Snickers by Matt Karas, and if you’re wondering what kind of cameras were used, that would be three Canon 5D Mark IIIs.

1. Trimming Hedges

No, this isn’t your standard hedge trimmer, but rather a chainsaw that’s been attached to a rope and swung around like a crazy person, without precision. We can only hope that this person was wearing skin-colored dragon skin to protect him from the many fatal injuries that could occur at any second.

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