Our editors have compiled a list of the top five high-tech watches for your viewing enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

5. Thanko’s FMP3 Watch

Thanko’s new MP3 watch isn’t as cool as this one, but it’s definitely no slouch either. Boasting 1GB of memory, a built-in FM tuner, and USB 2.0 connectivity for easy file transfers. Available now in Japan, priced at $143 — 512MB version also avaliable for $109.

By cleverly combining the “F” from the included FM radio/transmitter and “MP3” from uh, MP3, Thanko delivers the FMP3 watch. The antenna is wired into the watch band resulting in an electromagnetic field around you hand for controlling metallic objects up to 10 feet away


4. Custom Built Pong Watch

Designed by John Maushammer, this watch features a 1.2-inch 96×64 yellow-and-white OLED display and a rechargeable battery.

I succeeded in compressing all the electronics for this watch in to a 10mm-thick case. The 96×64 OLED display runs continuously – unlike older LED watches, there is no need to press a button to see the time. Battery life is 25 hours, so recharging is done every night


3. Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch

This Bluetooth watch is capable of displaying caller ID, text messages, etc. and allows you to control your cell phone’s music player via the buttons on its side.

2. One-Seg TV/Phone Watch

Made by One-Seg (Japan), this nifty watch measures 2.3 x 3.5 x 0.88-inches and weighs in at just over 4-ounces. Simply plug in a Willcom W-SIM card for mobile phone functionality, or you can watch terrestrial digital TV broadcasts on its 2.4-inch LCD display.[Source]

1. Aigo F029

If you want to combine a digital watch, music player, and video player in one unit, Aigo has the answer in its F029 multimedia watch. Featuring a 160 x 128 OLED display, 512MB or 1GB of memory, and a mini-USB 2.0 port. Supported media formats include MP3, WMA (DRM), MPEG-4, XviD, and AVI.