You’ve seen the myths and sins, now check out the top five reasons on why you shouldn’t get Vista…just yet. If you have any to add, please leave us a comment.


You already have XP, and alternatives like Linux are free. If you really want to throw money away, go give it to a local charity


Vista doesn’t do anything you can’t already do with XP. About the only significant shift requiring Vista is DirextX10, but as no titles support it yet and, according to John Carmack (the godfather of modern gaming) there’s no need to yet either

Upgrading Hardware

If you have an older machine that struggles with XP at the best of times, Vista is out of your ballpark unless you spend even more money to upgrade

Not All Applications Work

These include anti-virus, backup and security software such as those from Symantec, Sophos and ilk; CD and DVD burning tools like the suite from Nero need updated versions to work; and even basic disk management and partitioning tools such as Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager are awaiting an update for Vista to be compatible

Driver Support

Key hardware like video and sound is crippled at the moment — while Nvidia is working furiously to get a stable driver for the 8800 out by the 30th, there’s still no SLI support for any of the Nvidia range. And thanks to the removal of hardware accelerated 3D sound in Vista, Creative’s popular DirectSound based EAX no longer works at all

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